Support Agreements

A ScriptingIT support agreement will provide you with a secure, reliable, robust SOE that is predictable, and most of all, can be reported on.

The benefits of a ScriptingIT support agreement include:

  • Access to a large library of virtualised and non-virtualised applications - ready to go into your SOE
  • Knowledge of how to leverage your investment in technologies like SCCM to get the best results
  • Provide reporting and auditing data to your asset managers for issues such as TrueUp or other data gathering excerises
  • Access to ScriptingIT tools - email signature management, user archiving - to name a few
  • Support from real SOE experts who are dedicated to the smooth automation of any environment
  • Alerts and information about 0-day security exploits for 3rd party applications such as Adobe Reader, flash, or Java
  • Knowledge that your SOE will reflect a truely standard environment with no hidden suprises for the end user

ScriptingIT has been managing desktops for over 10 years. We strive to add value to all the customers we work with. We don't just deliver you a solution, we work with your internal staff to upskill and train them to ensure they can autonmously manage parts of their workload that remove them from the layer above - moving past keeping the lights on to being proactive.

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